City14 is mo colocated in Corvallis, Oregon! After a raid battery change, performance is way way up!

Apparently the server was waaaay down. Which is bad. Contact form is now on the bottom of the page, ping us if something goes wrong. -Alex (1pm on the 29th of October)

Map update done, SEE THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABORS. -Alex (11.5pm on the 29th of September)

Map update being run, server should be back up in about an hour. -Alex (11pm on the 29th of September)

Running a map update, apparently my cron isn't written right. -Alex (3pm on the 26th of September)

Research time! We looked into it, it's not a bandwidth problem caused by Minecraft. It's not a particular individual causing a problem. It's disk activity, coupled with peak hours for internet activities. City14 is in a real people home with Netflix and Hulu and all sorts of video stuff going on. This means at 10pm, there's gonna be some network drops as the server tries to catch up. That network is saturated. Hashtag: Growing Pains - Alex (10pm September the 24th)

Ok, so here's the deal. Bukkit + Spigot are MC Server emulators. They improved on the basic MC Server by adding fun things like native garbage collection, and multithreading. The bummer is: Bukkit is no longer being developed. There was a kerfuffle with licensing, ownership, etc... and DMCA claims were filed by some of the project managers to protect their work.

What does this mean for us? Well, City14 is now running the Vanilla MC Server, the jar that you grab from the minecraft.net website. This has none of the fun, behind the scenes bells and whistles we've become accustomed to, not only as players, but even server operators. Lag will probably be an issue for the near future. Apparently Jeb has identified a problem with Creatures interacting with Creepers that cause a high tick rate, so hopefully server 1.8.1 will start to fix things, until then bear with us. - Alex (1 am on September the 24th)

Some serious lag business happening on the server. Blag style paragraph incoming in the next few hours. - Alex (11pm on the 23rd of September)

Server is back up, new render Here - Alex (11 am on the 23rd of September)

Little Minecraft downtime (hourish) for map update. 40,000 chunks is nothing to sneeze at! - Alex (10am on the 23rd of September)

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